With over 15 Years of experience, You can bet that we are a trusted maid service, we will provide you with a local reference. We will meet you for an in-home estimate, you will meet the person in charge of keeping your home safe and clean.

Step-by-Step Checklist to clean your home

When you hire My Super Maids Cleaning Service, you’re hiring a team with experience. We strive to improve our service and through our long history, we have devised a cleaning strategy that is proven and effective. Keep in mind that we also customize your very own cleaning plan as we know that no two homes are alike.


      • Wet tub/shower walls with warm water.
      • Scrub shower tile from top to bottom
      • Remove mold or mildew (where possible).
      • Rinse shower and dry
      • Sanitize sink and countertop
      • Clean toilet inside and out ( you must provide toilet brush)
      • Wipe front of cabinets
      • Clean and sanitize tubs
      • Remove soap scum from shower
      • Clean mirrors and glass
      • Dust light fixtures and bulbs
      • Remove rugs/wastebaskets
      • Disinfect and mop floors.
      • Remove trash

      • Wipe down cabinets
      • Dust light fixtures
      • Clean the front of all appliances
      • Clean and sanitize sinks
      • Vacuum and mop floors
      • Wipe down stove top/ Degrease burners
      • Clean inside microwave
      • Empty waste baskets

      • Dust ceiling fan
      • Beds made (linens changed upon request)
      • Remove cobwebs
      • Wipe down wood trim
      • Remove trash
      • Dust furniture
      • Vacuum floor
      • General straightening completed

      • Clean washer and dryer exteriors
      • Empty wastebasket
      • Vacuum and mop floor
      • Clean laundry sink and fixtures


Exceptional level of cleaning services.

Providing professional residential home cleaning for more than 15 years has given My Super Maids a reputation for quality and reliability. We take great pride in the house cleaning services we provide. Leave the cleaning to us, you enjoy your clean home, stress free.