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Please fill out the following form in order to join our Free program. We will email you a code that you can provide each client. The code will allow them to save $50.00 off any service provided.

What is a Realtor Partnership?

We have many realtors that contact us to assist their clients. This is how the My Super Maids Realtor partnership is a FREE program that we have developed in order to make it easier for you, the realtor, to have a client perfect his or her home prior to possible buyers walking through- This helps you make a great first impression.

How does my client Benefit?

This system not only benefits you, it also benefits your client. Once you are signed up, we will email you a code. You will provide this code to your clients whom will instantly save $50.00 Off of any service they request.

What is included in the cleaning?

Please visit our Checklist to see what is included in the cleaning.

What areas do you service?

We have 2 offices in the Northern Virginia area. We are able to assist all your clients in Virginia, Maryland and DC.

What if my client is not satisfied?

Your partnership is of most value to us. We offer a 24hr guarantee in order to ensure that the cleaning is up to your satisfaction. Simply contact us and we will send a team back out to assist you.

Do you offer multi location discounts?

Absolutely. Should your client need cleaning on a new home as well as a home they are selling, we offer a multi location credit.

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